Aerobics For Electric Bass

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Well Folks, it's happened! Edition two of Head to Head, Aerobics for Electric Bass is published and printed. I have added some new exercises and used my full name as author to avoid confusion in internet searches with my namesake Stephen King, the famous author,
 who is also a fine bass player. I changed the cover at the suggestion of the famous illustrator Robert Crumb who also kindly suggested the basic design and layout for which I am truly grateful.

As to the book itself then briefly:

Why I compiled this book

First published in 1990 Head to Head was one of the biggest if not the biggest selling bass guitar tutor book in the UK at the time. It also sold many additional copies worldwide.

Recently revised and updated it is designed for all bass players, from beginners to those professionals familiar with techniques such as slapping, double-thumbing, right hand damping, pick playing, finger picking and popping. The idea behind the exercises is to promote strength fluidity of playing and stamina – a kind of aerobics for bass. Mark King, Chris Squire, Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten and the boys show the effortless flashy brilliance that comes from correct fingering over the fretboard and constant strengthening of the muscles using exercises similar to those in this book. These will prevent any stiffness and loss of ‘feel’ due to dragging through tiredness. Exercises will also prevent speeding into changes – choruses, or that ‘good bit’ that wows punters at a gig – know what I mean? Sure you do. Timing faults also come when changing from slap to fingering mid-riff, and I aim to cure that too!

I have used Mark King’s bass lines as examples for many of the exercises however this book is not to help you play like him, me or any of the others mentioned, but solely to help you play like you……better.

What is in it:
Over 200 exercises, more than 100 with full TAB, many with left and right hand fingering, featuring riffs by Mark King of Level 42 and warm-up exercises used by many of the world’s best bass players.These can all be played with fingers, a pick, slap or your thumb.


Published by Speedbird K-K Publications

Steve Kemp King,
still a working musician
— nothing more, nothing less.